Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I just couldn't help myself any longer....

Hello all my friends and family! I have been sucked into blogging! This site is currently under construction, I wanted to add a quick post though and let you know that there will be more to come! My friend is going to help me make it cute and show me how to post pictures and stuff. What a great way to keep up with our family, and a great way for me to write things to my boys too so they can read forever how cherished and wonderful they truly are! As Michael once said in a testimony he wrote for a missionary tool "When you live in a family with a single mom and three boys things can get a little chaotic.....", he is so right! I hope I can keep up with this not only for my family and friends interested to know about the Hammons and their chaotic life, but also for those three wonderful little men that live w/me and allow me the honor to take care of them and raise them. So they can see how they are loved and the special qualities and things they do that I cherish so much but don't tell them often enough. So, stay tuned! Hopefully I can have my first (uh 2nd?) blog up by next week! Love to all, find the good in life, there is so much of it! I promise if I can find it, so can you.


  1. I am so excited KIM! Can't wait to be able to follow your family!

  2. I was sucked into it too. I like it though!